Abiding Unlocks Heaven In Me

Everything changed once the Lord spoke his word to us (and affirmed it in so many others) about abiding. I have to be honest that I’ve always been the kind of person to just dream and go after things. When our worship and traveling ministry came to a screeching halt in January I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself! I didn’t have self-imposed deadlines for blogs and podcasts. There weren’t dozens of camps, retreats, and events to plan out, schedule the band, rehearse… all of that just stopped.

In exchange, the most beautiful thing began to happen. I was able to just look around and genuinely cherish what was given to me. I desperately needed it.

I don’t think I’ll ever leave this season behind me.

There will be times when the pace of life kicks in a little more. There will be times when deadlines are staring us down. I’ve learned is that its not the achievements that give us purpose, rather its who we are in Christ that gives us purpose. Even in the most pressing seasons we are called to abide in the presence of God. When we don’t think we can afford spending time to abide the reality is we can’t afford NOT to abide!

The only things I’ve done that matter even a little bit weren’t even about me after all. They were all just expressions of overflow from knowing King Jesus. He’s all that matters in my life. He’s all that matters in the ministry of People of Freedom. Without that passion and central focus its all for nothing.

Who am I kidding! I have so much more to learn about this!

The space God has provided in our lives and ministry has just begun to expose just how much more room there could be for intimacy with the Father. When I look at the times where I felt fulfilled and right on track, there is a space and priority for the Holy Spirit’s counsel and there is a washing of my heart and mind in the word of God. There is community surrounding me pursuing this same passion in the heart of King Jesus.

I’ve been having these moments here in Kankakee, IL where I just look around and see the city through the promise the Holy Spirit has established in so many hearts. So many people look out at the streets and feel hopeless, bland, even angry. I’ve had the privilege to see this place with hope.

King Jesus has called this place a revival city so we have the confidence and boldness to agree!

I can’t create revival by trying really hard. Want proof? Look at every church that ran into the ground from burn out and division. Our striving isn’t nearly enough to unlock revival. It’s in our abiding that heaven comes.

Here’s what Jesus says about the fuel for revival: “Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” As we seek the heart Christ and abide in him we receive the power and authority to do the impossible. It all starts in the presence of King Jesus.

Nathan LainComment