"Who You Are" - New Single Release

“Who You Are” tells a beautiful story of recognizing our place before the father and being overwhelmed by his character. The first verse speaks to a moment being in his presence. Recognizing that God is calling out to us because he wants more of us.

“I stand before you
because you’re calling to me.
You’re calling to move me.”

The chorus talks about how its because of the love of Christ and his sacrifice on the cross that we are saved, not because of our righteousness. It is an invitation to join in the love of the trinity by worshipping and thanking Jesus for his victory.

“Not for what I’ve done
But because you’re Son
Gave it all for me
He is my victory!
I will rise in faith
All because your grace
Has made a way
To know your love.”

The song finishes with a flourishing wave of the character of Christ. Not just singing that he has these characteristics but that he is full of these attributes and in fact they are who he is by nature. The point of these words leads us to recognize that it’s not just because of some chance event that we are saved and free, but because of the very nature of our God. He is full of overflowing love!

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Nathan LainComment