Practicing His Presence

What would happen if an entire generation began seeking his presence in every moment instead of just in the church?

It’s our firm belief that corporate worship is a reflection of individual worship. Churches that boast powerful worship experiences have church members that are seeking after the presence of God. Churches that feel dead and lifeless are likely full of church members that for some reason or another are not seeking the presence of God.

Therefore, revival doesn’t ride on bigger and better gatherings, more charismatic speakers, more sensational music, or better programs. It simply begins when people begin to take God’s presence into the mundane of their lives.

Practicing Begins With Invitation

We can’t be experts in something we’ve never practiced. But how do we learn to seek God’s presence in more things in our lives? It begins by inviting God to speak into the mundane and day to day experiences. Have you tried asking God how you should spend the time in your morning? Does he speak to you on your commute to work? How is God calling you to express his character to the cashier at the gas station?

Revival truly begins when we ask God’s presence over every moment of our lives.

Carrying Worship Into The Gathering

It’s as simple as recognizing his voice and obeying. We begin to carry this presence and revelation of the Spirit to one another. Our interactions through worship and fellowship begin to be supercharged with purpose as we see God moving all around us.

We should desire to have eyes open to the Kingdom of God so that we can see even the slightest expression of His presence. Through our confidence in Him, we have the foundation needed to see the power of the gospel manifest in our communities.

So invite him in.


Nathan LainComment