Looking To Him

In the first week of Erin’s residency at Upper Room she came to me and shared how one of the main points their staff made was to quit looking at ourselves and begin gazing at Jesus. It’s stirred in us a deeper desire and passion for worshipping as a community.

Often times there seems to be a sense of hesitation when it comes to validating times of prayer and worship. People wonder what our plan is. What is the purpose of such dedicated worship and extended times of telling Jesus that we love him or thanking him for who he is?

The Focus Of Our Worship

The confusion is rooted in that we’ve forgotten who worship is for and who it’s all about. It doesn’t matter what age or generation you claim, when we are more concerned about our specific tastes in style or text (barring heresy of course) than God’s presence, we miss the point of worship! The point of worship is to glorify the name of Jesus… not just meet our own spiritual needs.

When we worship God for who he is a beautiful thing that happens. We see him and experience his love and presence! This connection and intimacy fuels our love for him and is the key to holiness and revival.

Looking To Jesus

I was telling a friend yesterday how we are so eager in Church to do things for Jesus and invite him to look at our work, be proud, be a part of it, but we often forget that Jesus really just wants us to look at him. When we completely set our hearts on giving Jesus the praise he is worthy of we will experience revival like never before.


My challenge to you is to examine your heart. See if you are willing to set aside your agenda and simply delight in Jesus and give him praise. If not, what is holding you back? What are ways that you can begin to look at Jesus alone and take your eyes off yourself?

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