Songs From Heaven

I just finished listening to the first live version of "Reckless Love" by Corey Asbury sung at Heaven Come Conference 2017. During the song Corey shared his passion and meaning behind writing the song. The worship and celebration of God's love was tangible across my laptop screen. But what struck me was a singular moment at the very end of the video, the very last note, the last shout of praise.

Even though I'm just inferring from my perspective, I was hit with a sense of completion and satisfaction from the Holy Spirit. Songs like "Reckless Love" come and hit the church in a powerful way. It's like the song moves by itself, contagiously spreading across cities and nations. Yet this song began in the heart of the trinity. This marvelous song, inspired by the Holy Spirit, was so beautifully executed and given to a community of worshippers! I was so pleased in my spirit!

The song “Reckless Love” is a gift from the Holy Spirit sent to the church through Corey Asbury. God bless churches/organizations like Bethel Music who have set a beautiful standard for artistry and music on a global scale both commercially and personally! They have truly shown the world that music is offered as a gift from the Holy Spirit. It's a gift that the church can utilize to encounter revelation, healing, prophecy, wonder and love from the Holy Spirit.

As worship leaders, songwriters, and leaders we have an opportunity to be ambassadors of God's truth through music. When it comes to writing songs, our hearts must be set on knowing the heart of heaven and open to receiving the songs for our generation.

Nathan LainComment