ANNOUNCEMENT - Upper Room Dallas

We are excited to announce that one of our leaders, Erin Gray, has been accepted into the residency program at Upper Room in Dallas. Upper Room is a house of daily prayer and worship that is increasingly seeing the Kingdom of God come in Dallas, TX and over the world. To bring you up to speed on what all this means we shared a few quick interview questions with you. As you read be encouraged that God is a God who fulfills his promises to his children!

-Nathan Lain

Q1 - What is Residency about?

A - Upper Room’s Residency is a 12-week training program. A portion of my time will be in classes that will be concentrating on topics such as: Jesus, worship, spiritual gifts, the gospel, relationship with/enjoying God, and so forth. I’ll spend a lot of time in their daily services during the week for focused time on worship and prayer. I'll also to be mentored and trained by their worship leaders and staff.

Q2 - What drew you to Upper Room?

A - I honestly didn’t know very much about Upper Room before looking into this program. I just felt God pushing me towards it so I kept moving! Through the process of applying and waiting to hear back about that, I have invested myself more deeply into listening to their messages on Podcast, and keeping up with the music they’re putting out, to get a better understanding of their beliefs and culture.

From the start, I immediately fell in love with the culture that has been created in their worship. It’s raw and authentic and was something I was immediately drawn to. From hearing their messages (from their pastors and guest preachers that have spoken over them), I can see that they’re truly and passionately pursuing the Holy Spirit in everything they do, and that’s the most important thing.

Q3 - What are you most excited for?

A - This goes with the question before: being a part of their worship and experiencing the culture that has been created through their faithful pursuit of Jesus. It’s a really cool opportunity to be poured into for a few months and focus in on who God has created me to be.

Being be around so many people who are energetic and expressive in their praise to their Lord is going to be a life-giving experience.

In all honesty, what I think I’m the most excited for is the unknown. 

All of the ways that the Lord is going to stretch and transform my heart to bring it closer to His own. All of the times that He is going to provide exactly what I need in exactly the time I need it. All of the relationships I will be able to build with people who really love Jesus and are passionate about loving His people well. That’s what is the most thrilling for me.

Q4 - What do you think this season will do for the future of your ministry in People Of Freedom?

A - I really believe that the purpose for me going is to soak up the culture and genuine passion that is emulating out of Upper Room and continue to spread it. I’m hoping that will be evident in every area of my life, including People Of Freedom.

I’m believing that this training time can usher me into more leadership opportunities and help me be a better steward of the opportunities I already have. I’m passionate about explaining why and how we worship the way that we do and I know that, at this point in my life, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what that can look like.

Being around people who have more experience leading and are anointed to teach and pour into others will be a great learning experience for me and there’s no way that it won’t filter in to the ways God desires to move through People Of Freedom. I’m excited to see the way that He continues to move in and through People Of Freedom!

Q5 - How has God kept His promise in this transition? What have you learned there that has matured your faith and worship?

A - Oh man, talk about a loaded question! My faith has been transformed through this whole process over the last few months. God spoke to me through a dream telling me basically that He had bigger plans for my life but that I wasn’t ready for it. Then through a conversation with some friends, Upper Room Dallas was brought up.

At that point I didn’t even know if they had any sort of internship or training program, but I went to their website I immediately saw that they had this Residency. After some prayer I signed up. I didn’t know what it was or anything about their church but I felt God pulling my heart there.

I honestly didn’t get much clear affirmation for almost a month, and it was the most beautiful time. God worked so much on my heart to bring me closer to Him and show me His will for me. Every step of the way, He gave me just what I needed but nothing more. And as I kept taking steps forward in faith and obedience, I had to keep letting go of fear, sin, and brokenness in order to be ready for the next step.

I believe this is the kind of life we live when we choose freedom in Christ. It’s constant steps forward in faith and constant transformation of our hearts. When we look back we see the different ways that He supernaturally provided exactly what we needed and we give Him the glory for every good thing!

When we live this way, we naturally overflow with worship. As I sing of His faithfulness, I’m reminded of the way He showed me His faithfulness just earlier that day. I sing of His love and mercy and goodness and majesty. I can sing with absolute confidence because his faithfulness is in every step toward Him. 

And it won’t stop just with singing! My whole body can’t help but praise Him. I jump, shout, clap, raise my hands, and bow in the presence of my King who has loved me. And I know that my love for Him will only grow over the next few months at Upper Room.




To hear more about Erin's journey or to support her please contact her directly via email below.