Morning Time - Peace In The Mundane

Sometimes you have to get a little higher to see a new perspective. Other times it’s sitting in just the right spot. Like this bench on the side of the Kankakee River where I can see the bridge leading into downtown and the geese swimming up stream just to float back down again. Or this little whirlpool by the pile of logs and branches built up on the bridge foundation.

It dawns on me that God is in these moments. As much as I love seeing God move in BIG ways, I have to acknowledge that he’s mostly in the small and mundane moments.

The Creator God who spoke galaxies into motion, formed time, and created life simply delighted to walk in the garden with Adam.

God In The Mundane

I consider that for God to be so at peace in the mundane further demonstrates his majesty. When the Father reveals himself in a goose floating downstream he’s inherently communicating that He is truly in control of all things.

With the magnitude of tragedy and pain and deception we can witness today, the mundane seems foolish and meaningless. Yet this is often where God meets us the most powerfully and intimately. It was his designed state of existence. 

God is and will forever be a God of peace. Our God is fierce like a lion and strong to overcome any foe, even death; yet he is the essence of peace and the embodiement of delight. 

This morning I have to ask myself if I am aware of that kind of peace. Do I live in that kind of contentment? I know I have access to this peace. 

When I find just a little bit of it I’m overwhelmed. It’s the most powerful thing on earth. 

I’m here sitting on a bench along the Kankakee River. A beam of light breaks through the tree leaves and his voice just says, “my son,” bringing peace to my heart.

Nathan Lain



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