The Secret Is There Is No Secret

Often we overcomplicate a life of worship. Christians like to think about Christian stuff. We like to argue about right and wrong ideas. We easily criticize other's formats and models - especially when it comes to music and worship in the church. Goodness! Every time I sit down to write a post I get a little warning light in my brain because I know how critical and proud we can be about the things we "know" and the ways we lead.

Worship is super simple. While the nature and character of God are vast beyond measure, worshipping him is one of the most simple things we do. And that's why I say the secret to worship is that there is no secret.

Physical Expression of Worship

When you compare the fleeting earthy "risks" of physically expressing worship to the infinite possibilities for encountering and experiencing the Father's love, the scales don't even matter. There's not even the smallest spiritual benefit to withholding our praise. Sometimes I just want to take people by the shoulders and tell them to quit thinking so much about what they should and shouldn't do and just jump into abandoned love with the Father.

Most of the time, if I would guess, the reason for withholding praise is just a mix of some pride and some fear. I know there are certain people who for psychological and physical reasons aren't able to physically express themselves in worship. Logically speaking, that doesn't mean that they can't worship God because true worship comes from the heart.

But I'm tired of hearing excuse after excuse for why people don't express themselves in worship. I truly believe that for the mature Christian, physically expressed worship to some degree is expected. While we have grace for our fear and pride, ignoring or making excuses for our weakness gets us absolutely nowhere. There is no secret to experiencing worship but to just begin.

The Physical Connects the Spiritual

I wish that all believers would habitually abandon themselves in worship like a child. With greater measure of physically expressed worship there an only be found greater freedom and margin to encounter divine love. The beautiful exchange of our praise and worship is masterfully in harmony with the desires of our heart, the strength of our will, the expression of our physical bodies, the revelation of truth in our minds, and the embrace of our souls.

To me, the easiest one to get right is the physical expression of worship.

Like, that's the usually one of the first steps.

When I am trying to get closer to the Father or give him more worship, I start with my physical body because that's incredibly easy to engage with. All I have to do is start moving into a posture of worship by lifting my hands, bowing low, dancing, jumping, WHATEVER. What I find is that often my heart begins to follow in submission to the state of my body. My mind starts to function around the physical parameters I've set. True worship isn't completely dependent on the physical, but expression of the physical can be a beautiful catalyst to true worship.

Practical Application

I realize a variety of people find themselves here. Some will be encouraged to engage more in worship physically, and others will start to get anxious because the fear and pride interfering with the corporate experience. That's why I started this article talking about a life of worship. Everything I've said applies to a corporate gathering of worship and prayer, but it just as easily applies to the daily experience of worship and prayer.

You may need to jump right in or you may want to start small and safe. I may never be as intimately expressive in the corporate setting as I am in the secret place alone with the Father.

That's okay.

If you're someone who doesn't often express in worship I challenge you to start considering your physical engagement in personal worship. You can begin by incorporating a variety of postures and expressions that are really just for you and the Father to experience. There's nothing to lose and so much to experience in freedom and love.

There really is no secret.

Nathan Lain

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