True Worship: Daily Faith & Daily Worship 

Pastor Scott Kelley SNC Springdale Nazarene Church

Pastor Scott Kelley
SNC Springdale Nazarene Church

I have been a full time worship leader for 20 years. I have watched and led worship through cultural shifts and ever-changing musical styles and expressions. I have witnessed the ugliness that comes from the demand of a consumeristic attitude towards musical worship in the church and I have seen the overflow of the Holy Spirit break down all those walls and barriers as well. The fact of the matter is that true worship has never changed. The kind of worshippers the Father seeks is still those who worship Him in spirit and in truth. True expressions of worship have and will continue to stand the test of time and will always reach the ears of our God who inhabits this atmosphere of genuine, honest, sincere  praise and worship.

What Is True Worship?

There are several ways to approach this definition but I was recently considering how daily faith impacts our worship.  Surely our faith, and the daily exercise of it, would be the catalyst behind all true expressions of worship. As musicians and leaders of worship it would make sense that daily faith and true worship go hand in hand.

Faith is defined in Hebrews chapter 11 as "confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." The rest of that chapter describes significant actions of many of our biblical heroes motivated by their unwavering faith in God.  Their sacrificial expressions of faith were not motivated by their feelings or their need for recognition. They expressed their worship of God through obedience in something and Someone they truly believed in.

Faith is not merely a belief in ideas or concepts but a belief that moves us toward action. Faith in action is a confident trust in God and in our relationship with God. In essence, faith is a lifestyle and should express itself in how we spend our time, our resources, and in our artistic expressions.

For the Musicians (Artists)

  • Musicians who are madly in love will write, sing, and play passionate love songs.
  • Musicians who are struggling and in pain will perform pain-filled compositions with the sense of despair and loss they are experiencing.
  • Musicians who are happy will dance and sing to songs of joy and celebration.

Our music should contain that added sense of hope that musicians without a Christ relationship could never express in their artistry.

For musicians who are daily living out faith in action, music is the natural vehicle to express this. Our songs of worship should be hope-filled with praise and promise. They should be charged with the assurances we have in this God whom we know and trust though our eyes cannot see.  It is fair to note that we, like the Psalmists, still live in a  broken world. It is natural therefore, that sometimes our songs can be of  lament from the struggles we face and the advances of our enemy that we often endure. However, our musical worship must always point toward the God that defeats the darkness and strengthens the weary. It should exalt God who fights our battles and loves us beyond our capacity to even understand. Our music should contain that added sense of hope that musicians without a Christ relationship could never express in their artistry. Our art is more than just simply artistry - it is worship driven by our faith. You might even call it true worship.

Why Music?

let your daily faith be expressed through your musical worship

Music has a way of saturating our senses and helping us see and feel things in deeper and more profound ways. Music has historically reflected the cultural aspects of the times of its origin and the character of its people.  So as people of God we must let our daily faith be expressed in our musical worship and allow the significance of our faith to not only influence us but help to shape and encourage an entire culture and generation for Jesus.  If you dance, then dance for Jesus. If you sing, then Sing for the Lord. If you write, then write about the steadfast love and power of a sovereign God. If you play music, then play for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. One day our faith will be made sight but until then let your daily faith be expressed through your musical worship and in doing so you will help bring a little more visibility to that confidence in what we hope for but do not presently see. 

Daily worship is daily faith in action. Daily faith in action is true worship. True worship and worshippers is what God Seeks and what the world needs.

Pastor Scott Kelley
SNC Springdale Nazarene Church

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