Leadership Principle: Seek Him First

Desire For Presence

I hear a lot of worship leaders my age (22 years) talk about how much they want others to feel God’s presence in worship. I can understand this longing for people to experience transformational presence in their lives, but it brings into question a motive focus.

Which is more important: giving God obedience in worship or seeing his presence manifested in your worship gathering? What I mean is often times we are not satisfied with the engagement of our community because we have not been experiencing God’s presence in our personal lives. We are not permitted to minster and exhort others to a place that we are not familiar with.

Leading Begins With Everyday Worship

A strong and mature worship leader will be skilled at ushering their community into the throne room of the Living God. When we are not rooted in Jesus in our everyday lives, all of our worship leading can become very self-centered as we look to meet our own spiritual needs first. In a twenty-thirty minute set there is little room to meet your own spiritual agenda and serve the gathering of believers.

God can be just as present in our personal lives as he can be in the gathering of believers.

I’m not diminishing the value of corporate worship, (there is a specific anointing or movement in the Holy Spirit that only happens in the gathering) but rather I’m pointing out that as leaders we are not afforded the privilege of living off of this spiritual energy alone. We are called to be overflowing with the ministry that God has given us!

Lay It Down

I can’t tell you how often God challenges me to lay down my need to see him move in my congregation. Not to let down my desire for his presence, but to get out of the way and let him do the work. It’s a continual surrender that ultimately determines if I am leading out of overflow or depending on my ministry to fuel my heart.

I recognize that this blog has been on the negative side. But the solution is beautiful. The kingdom of God is about abundance. There is more than enough of his presence and ministry to go around. God’s design is that we would be able to personally access His presence in an intimate and life-changing way. We can find him in the secret place of prayer and worship. This provision was given all because of the gift of Emmanuel. Finding His presence in our own lives is the beginning of healthy leadership so that we are already at his feet, aware of His presence, and truly able to serve.

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Nathan LainComment