Building Worship Community Together

Setting the stage

Nathan Lain - Co-Host People Of Freedom

Nathan Lain - Co-Host People Of Freedom

Hey guys! My name is Nathan Lain, worship leader, composer and artist, and this is People of Freedom a unique community of ordinary people connecting to experience transformational worship. For my entire life I've had this passion for connecting with people through worship in the presence of God, and now we have an opportunity to build the community.

I was actually telling a friend recently that I think most people who find themselves involved with music in the church have had an "encounter experience" early on in their life. Its this memory of the presence of God that stays with us as an imprint on our hearts, but without growth passion can begin to fade cold.

Misunderstandings and Poor Examples

Unfortunately, worship through art and music can be challenging to understand and develop in a church. It's a combination of misunderstanding the gifts of music and art to the church, and influences from people who have used their gift selfishly. So I just want to say sorry about that.

Sorry to those of you who haven't been able to explore their artistic gifts integrated into their faith, but also sorry to those of you who have seen bad examples of worship through the arts. The arts (and the artists) have a special place in the church and this organization is all about helping the whole body of Christ experience freedom through healthy and passionate leaders.

How community can work

Imagine for a minute a time and space where an artist could work with others to explore the mysteries of God through their craft. I know that even the best worship leaders and artists can find themselves on an island, seeking to speak life into a community but running out of passion. People of Freedom will provide opportunities for leaders to be renewed, inspired, and energized.

On an even simpler scale, people of freedom is a platform for us to all share and listen to what God is inspiring in our hearts. Through this blog, regular podcasts, videos and articles, we will hear from a whole host of individuals sharing about what God is doing and how he is equipping the church with people to lead us toward transformational worship.

Your place at the table

This is the best part: the invitation. I realize not everyone reading this is an artist, but we are all touched by the arts. People of Freedom is more than a worship band, it's a vessel for community and I want you to join in that with me. The community we shape is as unique as each person who is willing to participate and I see some pretty amazing things happening. Relationships will be built, gifts will be affirmed, ideas will be shared and worship will transform our hearts. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey we have together.

Nathan Lain, Co-Host of People Of Freedom

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