"Who You Are" - New Single Release

The song finishes with a flourishing wave of the character of Christ. Not just singing that he has these characteristics but that he is full of these attributes and in fact they are who he is by nature. The point of these words leads us to recognize that it’s not just because of some chance event that we are saved and free, but because of the very nature of our God. He is full of overflowing love!

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Nathan LainComment
Leave your problems at the door.

This isn’t the “easy route”

It’s easier to leave your problems outside to be happy for a little bit and pretend like everything is okay. Bringing things into the room gets messy. You have to be vulnerable and allow yourself to be broken. But when you do, there’s allowance for something absolutely beautiful to happen. Healing and love enter in. The Holy Spirit comes in and transforms your heart and fills you with strength and assurance.

God desires genuine, intimate, relationship with you. And we can’t experience that by only giving God the highlight reel. So bring it all in the room. Lay it at His feet. And witness your God bring healing and be glorified. Let His love filter into that brokenness and make you whole again.

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Erin GrayComment