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Freedom | Creativity | Worship

Mission & Vision

As Christians, we believe that worship is our created purpose. From the beginning of our existence we were created by the Father in perfect union with the Father. In Genesis 1 it says that we are created in the image of God. God is a creative God therefore our nature is creative. Freedom is our privilege and inheritance as sons and daughters of God.

“To connect as many believers as possible in a community of freedom, creativity, and worship.”




Introduction to “Why”

From the beginning of People of Freedom, we saw a need for spiritual renewal in the church—particularly among leaders. When the church is malnourished, our ministry effectiveness is minimal and our freedom is clouded. We believe that scripture shows us a clear path to freedom through abiding in Christ. When we are rooted, we are equipped to overflow.

We have come across a fear that in emphasizing worship, prayer, and spiritual growth the lost will be forgotten or that we will become too “spiritually exclusive.” We do not seek to turn our attention away from the lost, rather to equip the found for fullness of freedom and authority in Christ. We believe the commandment to love the Lord and love your neighbor work in tandem to build the Kingdom of God on earth. In fact, we hold this truth so firmly that we believe we cannot truly love our neighbor with the love of Christ until we are overflowing with that same love from relationship and intimacy.

Therefore, we exist to equip individuals for greater kingdom effectiveness on the earth by resourcing the church with wisdom, application, and opportunity to grow closer to Christ.

Growth in Community

Isolation kills. That’s why our focus is on connecting people together. One of the best ways to build community with people of freedom is to attend and participate in a worship & prayer gathering. The purpose of these events is to lift up the name of Jesus and intercede for the church, the nations, and the lost.

Another way to connect and grow is by engaging in our online network. This space is for believers and seekers to share thoughts and experiences related to our core values. To join is completely free.


In addition to connecting with our community directly, we regularly post updates on our podcast and blog. Each episode and article speaks into a unique aspect of prayer and worship.